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I am 66 years old and had never been to physical therapy. I partially tore the tendon connecting my patella to my hamstring, and Newport Orthopedic included Costa Mesa Physical Therapy (CMPT) on their list of recommended therapy centers.

Travis and his team were terrific. They made sure they thoroughly understood the nature of my injury and proceeded accordingly. Initially the pain level was acute and the range of motion tiny: they worked on areas adjacent to the wound to decrease swelling and increase mobility.

When it was appropriate, they gently pushed me beyond my comfort zone to hasten the healing. I expected it would be months before I got back on a bicycle, but they did it in weeks. They got me back to fully functioning (at least as fully functioning as a 66 year old like me gets).

I worked with six different people in the office and all of them were excellent. 5 Stars!

– Rob Y.
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