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Elevation pillows are specially designed pillows that are contoured or shaped to provide support and elevation for specific body parts, such as the head, legs, or feet.

Elevation Pillow Use Cases:

  • Post-Surgery Recovery: Elevation pillows for physical therapy are often used to keep surgical sites elevated and reduce swelling following surgeries, particularly in the lower body.
  • Reducing Edema: They can help alleviate edema (fluid retention) in the legs and feet by keeping them elevated above heart level.
  • Sleep Comfort: Some people use elevation pillows to improve their sleep quality by providing added support and reducing discomfort, such as acid reflux symptoms when used for head elevation.


We understand that there is a wide variety of recovery and performance products to choose from so we have curated a collection of products that we have used, our patients have used or that we know to be supportive in your recovery journey. As an Amazon associate, we may earn commission from qualifying purchases.

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