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Costa Mesa Physical Therapy (CMPT) is committed to offering highly skilled physical therapy services which are evidence based, personalized, and effective in aiding patients of all ages to resume pain free movement.

At CMPT, our team of Physical Therapists (PT’s) and Physical Therapy Aides embody empathy, compassion, and patient-centered care to best serve our clients through their recovery process. 

Starting from the initial evaluation, our PT’s take a holistic approach by utilizing various tests and measures to arrive at a conclusion about the source of your pain. With this, we embrace the opportunity to educate our patients on a kinesiopathologic approach that empowers them to take control of their rehabilitation and to return to an active lifestyle.

We value the importance of recovery for our clients who place a heavy demand on their bodies and movement systems. We implement instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, percussive therapy (DMS/Hypervolt/Hyperice), and pneumatic compression devices (Air Relax) to address increased muscular hypertonicity and promote neural desensitization to enhance athletic performance.

With our dedicated staff, we hope to serve our community and help thousands of patients get on the right path to achieving their goals in a time efficient manner.

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